Thursday, November 6, 2008

Swag & Raffle Update!

We have received our first round of swag items here at IndieSac!

IndieSacramento swag

A big thanks to Anderson Soap Company for donating over 50 items of swag!

Anderson Soap CompanyAnderson Soap Company
What started as a hobby turned into a lifestyle, Dennis used his products to express himself by using his love of soap-making to transform what could be a ordinary bar of soap into something fun and exciting. Dennis Offers a wide range of Vegan Soaps and Eco Friendly Bath Products Perfect for Every Body.

We've also received our first raffle prize, donated by Chic Baby Rose:

Apron door prize for IndieSacramento

I'm going to have trouble not keeping this one for myself!

If you have swag or a raffle prize you would like to donate for the show, please email us right away!

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