Monday, April 6, 2009

Swag Alert!

Here at IndieSac headquarters, we've received our first swag items for the swag bags. Arrive early to the May Market on Saturday, May 2nd, and you just might snag yourself one of these hand-crafted gift tags by Cori Crooks,

May Market Swag

Cori Crooks says she takes inspiration for her work from childhood memories. As native of the San Francisco Bay Area, she had the good fortune to grow up around many different cultures. Her Mexican tile jewelry and decorative world tiles are reflective of her old neighborhood brimming with color, be it the tiled Chicano mural on the side of the local tortilla factory, or the hand painted tiles which wrapped around the building of her community's Portuguese newspaper, or the classical roman shapes that tiled the Spanish mission down the road. These images stuck with Cori and are a direct influence on her design and use of color. She recreates these classical patterns and prints them on to miniature tiles, which then become the foundation of her wearable art. She's an artist, a musician, and a writer. Her first book, "Sweet Charlotte's Seventh Mistake", an artist's memoir, will be released this December by Seal Press. You can check out Cori's miniature Mexican tile jewelry at her ETSY shop, or read more about her artistic pursuits at

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katie jean said...

Cori these are so cute! Love 'em!