Thursday, February 18, 2010

Craft Show: Opening Day of Little League

March 27th from 8am-3pm set up time is about 7am.

It is opening day of Little league so the show will start after the parade. There will be at least 200 people there and that's before advertising the craft fair.

Cost is $25.00 a space (no size limit) and 1 item donated for a raffle. The space money and raffle money all goes to Rosemont Little league. There will be a rain date set as well in case it rains on March 27th Companies are not sponsoring teams anymore due to the economy so it is hope that with this craft fair we can help keep the Little League afloat!! If you are interested please email Tami Massi at

Show Location:
Einstein Middle School
3624 Contempo Drive
Sacto, Ca. 95826

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