Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Bella la Vida (formerly Sin Kitty)


I am a crafter and aspiring artist primarily working with mixed media, using salvaged pieces, flea market finds and items purchased on Etsy.

TerraMaya is one of my favorite shops here on Etsy, I purchased my molds for the clay skulls, devils and flaming hearts. A big thank you to my friend at Rock n Roll Craft for my new logo! Please visit both of their shops.

a lot of my work is inspired by the colors, reuse/repurpose, warmth and spiritutality of some mexican art. all this inspired me to take my own twist on mexican folk art, primarily dia de los muertos.

my creative inspiraton has always been my grandmother (GRHS) who made and painted carousel horses in her barn to help support the family. she was a master at tatting and an all around beautiful woman. i would create pieces of 'art' on her kitchen table which usually consisted of a glittery cotton ball glued to a paper plate. she told me one day people would pay me for my creations

I have a passion for glitter, glue, resin, paint, color, dia de los muertos and anything tiny that can keep my concentration on track

I am an accomplished pianist, painter, master marks woman, has a black belt in karate, a PhD in EIEIO from Stanford University, survivor of many playground wars, and has had a life long love affair with bacon and gin


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