Monday, March 8, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Kenna Foster Photography

Though keenly interested in art and photography since youth, I made my debut into the “career-world” in a large office, armed with a Communications degree from Pepperdine University. As luck would have it, cubicle life was not amenable to me and, though I worked long and hard, I never felt that sense of purpose and reward… of inspiration. "Meaning" beckoned me unrelentingly, and beckoning along with it… the awe-inspiring beauty of Nature and the outdoors.

Modifying the application of my Communications degree, I embarked upon a career in outdoor education and preservation. Whitewater raft-guiding and teaching at Outdoor Science School allowed me the privilege of regularly seeing (and photographing) Nature’s splendor. Meanwhile, my interactions with school children and the public taught me of the vast behavioral changes that accompany inspiration. Teaching appreciation of nature through experience and demonstration proved to be a much more powerful motivation technique than lectures and fear tactics. Encouraged by the success of newly inspired students, I embarked on a mission to help influence environmental preservation similarly among adults. Someone who has learned to truly love the outdoors makes a much better steward than someone who just knows what he or she “should” do for the environment.

This insight provided the final "push" that persuaded me to heed the appeals of those around me, and pursue photography as more than a hobby. Another avenue of teaching and inspiring had presented itself. I realized the value of sharing my visions of our world when viewers would respond to locally-shot photographs exclaiming, “Wow! Beautiful! Where is THAT?” Stunned, I would share the location, often somewhere they drove past frequently. Embracing the visual element of communication, I added photography as another tool to encourage appreciation and preservation of Nature... thus tying all the seemingly mismatched pieces of my puzzle together.

It is my hope that something in my story and my photography inspires You, and that we all become “inspired students” together. And that we learn to care for our world better… not because we have to, but because we want to.

"No matter what you look for, good or bad, if you look hard enough & long enough you will always find what you’re looking for.”

If we all “look for the good” (i.e. appreciate & care for the beauty of our world), we’ll SEE those positive world changes we’ve been hoping for…

∫∫∆∫∫ My work is driven by a desire to give something back for the most soul-rejuvinating gift I've known-- Nature's Splendor. In keeping with that, I donate to *many* worthy conservation organizations & projects. Just a few of the many great ones to check out: Blue Earth Alliance, The WILD Foundation, ILCP (International League of Conservation Photographers), and Project WILD. ∫∫∆∫∫

Framed &/or Matted works currently available for purchase at:
Ponderosa Resort- Lotus, CA
Sierra Rizing- Coloma, CA
Viewpoint Gallery- Sacramento, CA (December)

Website: (Coming soon)


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Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Wow! Fantastic! I found this feature by accident (popped up in a google search of Indie Sacramento!!), but what a very pleasant surprise it was! :)

Thank you so much for "the spotlight," very much looking forward to the big Mar 20th show! I can see there will be MANY great finds there! :)