Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Shrunken Cat Heads

As an SF Bay Area native, I grew up around many different cultures. This good fortune has inspired my work as an artist. My creations are born from thoughts about history, social class, and pop culture; blending the old and the new, exploring traditional crafts and techniques while giving them sassy modern twists.

I am punky, crafty, and a sweet best friend & Mommy who's committed to making a living off my artistic abilities. I write and I craft and I'm currently obsessed with ETSY.

I have shown my work in galleries and craft fairs all over NOCA and in NY. My decorative tile jewelry is currently available through the American Museum of Ceramic Art, CA, and the Catalina Island Historical Museum, CA.

Last December was the release of my first book, a mixed media art memoir called, "Sweet Charlotte's Seventh Mistake". (Seal Press)

I love dabbling in everything- I mean everything... jewelry, ceramics, music, cooking, sculpture... the sky's the limit. So visit often and see what's happening!

Happy Shopping,
Cori Crooks


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Barnicles said...

stunning! especially the last red ones! :)