Monday, September 20, 2010

Blue Sky Arts Collective Looking for Members

Ellen McMahill (a past IndieSacramento vendor and talented artist) is organizing an arts co-op in Sacramento for 14 members.  This will be a retail space for each member to have their own area which they will maintain.  All handmade, creative products are viable for this cooperative including all arts media on canvas, paper, etc., clothing, jewelry, and other handmade items.

To be considered for membership you will need:

1) an online shop (handmade, original designs by the individual vendor only)
2) one day a week free to be the sales clerk for the day

From Ellen:
I want to keep this simple, at least at first, so these are the ideas I have for a cooperative environment which will benefit all members:

1) Each member will maintain their own space.

2) All spaces will be equal depending on the size of the rental space.
3) Each member will act as sales clerk for the entire retail space one day a week, with (ideally) 2 members each day.
4) Each member will receive 100% of the sales on their products..
5) All expenses, including rent, utilities, phone, and possible advertising (to be voted on by members) costs for special events, such as 2nd Saturdays will be paid for equally by each member. I want to keep expenses as low as possible for myself and the other members. If you have done craft fairs in the past and made at least a little bit of money, you'll probably be making enough through the month to pay for these expenses.  I would like for the rent to be no more than $100 each and hopefully less.

There are lots of details to be worked out when we have our first meeting.  In this cooperative each member can choose what they want to work on such as finding a rental space, gathering information about utilities and phone service, finding out about advertising and promotion, etc., gathering information about business licenses and fees for the cooperative, building a counter for the cash register and clerks, gathering information about forms of payment such as credit card payment, etc. We will probably have several meetings before we get the actual space and organization we need in place.

I know there are probably more than 14 people who would like to be a part of this to start, but I feel that we have to start small and with a variety of vendors to attract all kinds of shoppers, so please send me a link to your online shop and I'll get back with you.  I'll also be contacting people as backups if possible members of the first 14 picked decide not to participate.  I want to help as many fellow creatives make money with their art as possible.

I'm excited about this new venture!

Ellen McMahill
Blue Sky Arts Collective

Thanks for looking at this.  Hope to hear from you soon.

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