Thursday, July 21, 2011


Saturday, July 23 5:00p to Sunday, July 24 1:00a
at The Greens Hotel, Sacramento, CA

Audio and visual festival featuring live music by Neon Indian, Sister Crayon, Who Cares?, Mike Diamond, Resa, D.A.M.B., Favors; art by John Horton, Chelsea Green Lewtya; fashion by Van der Neer, Adrienne Cheng, Miss Chief of California.

Launch is this Saturday the 23rd at Greens Hotel in Sacramento! Launch is an annual audio/visual festival that celebrates the creative industry.

But should you go? Why don't you take my handy dandy survey to see if it's the right event for. Check the box if any of these describe you:

☐ You appreciate the creative efforts of artists, designers, and architects.
☐ Nothing gets your heart pumping more than live bands and DJs.
☐ You love shopping for clothes and jewelry and handmade crafts.
☐ You love connecting with local people who share the same passions as you.
☐ Your favorite beverages come from a beer garden.
☐ You like attending fun events.

If you checked any of those boxes, then this is the event for you! For more info, visit the Launch website.

Article Consignment Boutique will be there, selling feathered ear candy by Mornings On Fire.

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