Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion To Go

Post Sacto MoFo Update:

I got the green dress I had my eye on - it was just as cute in person.

I was pleasantly surprised by the prices - definitely more affordable than most of the other boutiques in this area. I can actually afford to shop here! Yesss!

The clothing and accessories were super cute and trendy. Bridgette and her husband made for a pleasurable shopping experience. AND it has to be the first dress I ever bought out of the back of a truck. I hope I run into the Gypsy truck again soon!


What is new to Sacramento and possibly cooler than a mobile food truck? How about mobile fashion?!

Yes, you read that right. Bridgette Anglin Maldonado has opened a brand-new fashion boutique in Sacramento - with one major difference from other boutiques - it's on wheels.

I am pretty excited to check out the Gypsy truck this Saturday at Sacto MoFo (Sacramento's Mobile Food Festival). And by the way, nobody touch that green and white dress (pictured below) -I call dibs!

Jen from People & Places & Things did an awesome write up on Gypsy on her blog. You should also check out the Gypsy website,, where I "borrowed" all of the images above.

And seriously. The green dress is mine. Hands off.

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Serena said...

Cute Post! I wasn't as lucky the dress I had my eye on sold out in my size!! :)