Sunday, April 29, 2012

Indie Craft Fair brings crafting back to basics

It's been awhile since I've been to a local craft fair so I was excited to hear about the Indie Craft Fair at The Yoga Seed Collective. I went to check it out and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

For those of you who were around back then, this craft fair was reminiscent of Sellout Buyout. The show had a much more rough, hipster vibe then the cutesy retro handmade items we've seen in the past few years. I also noticed that plants and succulents were a recurring theme.

One item I could not leave without was a Tillandsias plant from iolaviola Designs. I've seen these glass globes online and in catalogs before but being that I don't have the biggest green thumb in the world, this pre-made terrarium appeals to me much more than the DIY version. Right now the little glass globe sits on my vintage sewing machine but I love that I can hang it if I wish.

The second item I couldn't resist was a 3-pack of nerd girl note cards from dear kiki... The nerd girls are reminiscent of Elsie Larson's girl paintings - only darker - but in a good way. The blonde who "prefers the term dork" is my favorite.

If you missed the show, don't worry, I hear there will be more to come.  Be sure to like The Yoga Seed Collective on Facebook so that you don't miss the next one!

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Serena said...

Awesome Amy! Thanks for sharing!