Friday, March 8, 2013

Local Spotlight: Temple Coffee & Tea

This place made my fiance's "usual" (quad venti carmel machiato with light carmel) seem weak in comparison. We ordered vanilla lattes and a carrot muffin to share (yum). Probably not the best thing to drink in the evening (we were both up really, really late that night) but if you are trying to wake up or you are studying for an exam or trying to meet a deadline than Temple is obviously the place to be.

We were a bit intimidated when we stepped in and didn't see a menu. Luckily, the barista was nice enough to help us order.

The atmosphere was relaxing and I could definitely see myself hanging out on the patio in warmer weather.

2829 S St
(916) 454-1272

1010 9th St
(916) 443-4960

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