Friday, March 1, 2013

What's better than a girl's night that includes crafting?

I got to attend the Tote Bag Glitz class at HelloXOXO last night. SO MUCH FUN! It was really neat to get together with a bunch of women, with different levels of crafting experience, to talk and craft. It was a really relaxing and therapeutic experience but it was all great to network with some new people that have like ideas. I am in love with their studio.

There were still some decorations left up from the launch party this past Sunday.

Co-founder, Caroline Winata, shares her photography studio with HelloXOXO, so you'll notice lots of amazing photography adorning the walls here, plus lots of mouth-watering wedding decor and amazing retro modern furniture. Yes, I just might move in.

Co-founder, Jessica Pollock taught us how to do the freezer paper stenciling technique (I've been meaning to try this for ages). It was surprisingly easy. It was fun to see everyone's different interpretation of the project. I made an ombre colored heart (colors go from dark to light) but I think it would be fun to add the word "bride" or "Mrs." inside the heart to make it a wedding-themed bag (since I'm getting married in August).

Another project I am super-excited about is the Mason Jar Extravaganza, coming up on March 7th. I snapped an instagram of the samples. Love!

Check out HelloXOXO's class schedule at

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Melissa Haworth said...

I'm super excited that this place exists--I'll have to check it out!