Thursday, May 30, 2013

SAC's new non-profit artists' collective needs your help!

The Sacramento Arts Collective, (SAC for short) is working to generate funds for a non-profit artist collective that will feature a music venue, classrooms, and a store for local made art, jewelry, clothing, and more.

The Sacramento Arts Collective is opening a music venue, classrooms, and a store for local artist to sell their goods but need a little help in order to get their doors open as soon as possible!

"Its our goal to have a place that changes the dynamic of the Music and Art industry. We want a place where a person can come in, learn to paint, use our supplies to paint it, and finally sell it there. We want a place where a musician can come in, rehearse, record an albumb, and have a place to sell it. This in a way gives everyone a chance to become an artist because simply, if you create or have ideas, you ARE an artist."
— The Sacramento Arts Collective

For those who can't donate, please help spread the word!

Their fundraising page can be found at You can also follow The SAC on Facebook.

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