Sunday, September 22, 2013

Local Love: Scout Living

Don't ask me why I had never visited Scout Living before, it had been on my "must do" list since they opened. Then, the other day, I was in Midtown meeting a friend for dinner and had a bit of extra time to kill so I finally got my chance. Let me tell you, this place is a Mid-Century lover's dream.

The furniture is absolutely drool worthy! The prices (for furniture) are a bit steep, however they really aren't bad compared to new-furniture prices (unless you are used to shopping at bargain furniture stores like Ikea - guilty!) The furniture here is really the crème de la crème of vintage furniture so no doubt it's worth every penny they are asking for.

I found many of the smaller items to be reasonably priced. The prices were higher than thrift store prices, but you are getting quality items that would be hard to find, even after hours and hours of scouring thrift stores. I don't mind dropping $15-$20 here and there for an item that I find to be special - and let me tell you, Scout Living was FULL of those types of items.They even had a small section of handmade and hand-packaged items.

If you love Mid-Century as much as I do, Scout Living is definitely a place that you need to see, even if it's only for the window shopping.

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