Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Local Love: Sweet Dozen

I'd been wanting to try Sweet Dozen bakery as soon as I heard about the recent press they received over their cronuts/doissants (it's a cross between a doughnut and a croissant and it is DELICIOUS).

A few of my girlfriends and I were planning to meet there just before noon, before heading to the Bella Vista craft fair together. One problem. According to Yelp, you've got to be an early bird to get your hands on a doissant (unless you call in your order). Sweet Dozen was already closed when I got off work the day prior so I put in an order for a dozen mixed doissants on their website.

I was the first of my friends to arrive at the doughnut shop just before 11:30 that morning. Sweet Dozen was easy to find and looked like a typical doughnut shop. All of the doughnuts behind the counter looked amazing, but we were there to try the doissants! I was expecting that they would just put a box aside for me from that morning - but no, they fried them fresh for me when I arrived. The owners were extremely friendly and hospitable - they gave us a few regular doughnuts with our order, which were still yummy and fresh-tasting that night.

I think we all agreed that the crumb was the best flavor, although they were all really really good. We tried a few with fillings (custard, lemon, and raspberry) - all really good but not necessary. Although a bit oily, I think the doissant is just about the best doughnut I've ever eaten and I don't even like croissants.

At $40 a dozen ($3 each), the doissant is definitely a splurge - but, oh-so-worth-it.

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